• Lightweight, free-standing, and portable classic black tabletop fireplace
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Patented stainless steel wick creates lively and vividly orange flames
  • Great for creating ambience
  • Clean-burning, non-toxic, does not generate contaminants
  • Distinctive wind-resistant design for ambience in gentle breezes
  • Flames do not spread if Lovinflame Fuel is spilled
  • Safe and easy refueling with dedicated fuel filler
  • Designed to complement any style of home decor
  • Specifications Fuel Tank: SS 304 Stainless Steel with borosilicate windshield glass panels Cover: Fine Powder-Coated Metal (TT-M240) Maximum Fuel Capacity: 2 L (67.6 oz.) Burn Time: 4 hours maximum if filled with 2 L (67.6 oz.) Fuel Consumption Per Hour: 0.5 L (16.9 oz.) Thermal Output: 12,000 BTU/hr Dimensions: 20.07" (L) x 7.48" (W) x 3.93" (H)


Includes:Tabletop Fireplace, Torch, 5 Liter of Oil and Filler for Torch.
Clean Burning.
Releases Water Vapor. Small amounts of carbon dioxide. Non- Combustible.

Tabletop Fireplace

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